Suspected COVID-19 case registered in Guanajuato

The case was detected through a private medical service and immediately reported to Mexico's health authorities

Suspected COVID-19 case registered in Guanajuato
Medical staff with protective equipment on the isolation room - Photo: Luca Zennaro/EFE
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Mexico is analyzing a new suspected coronavirus case in Guanajuato. It is a woman who presented slight symptoms after traveling to China for leisure; in addition, the Health Ministry is also waiting for the results of a man living in Nuevo León.

The 60-years-old woman is isolated at her home while she receives the corresponding treatment until health authorities confirm whether she is a carrier of the novel coronavirus. She and her contacts are under strict surveillance, according to the head of Guanajuato’s Health Ministry Daniel Díaz Martínez.

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He explained that the case was detected through a private medical service and immediately reported to authorities. The doctor asserted that they implemented the corresponding protocols for the identification of contacts as well as sending a sample to identify the situation of the case in the following days.

Until now, no positive cases of COVID-19 have been reported. 15 suspected cases have been registered out of which 13 have tested negative. All patients had symptoms that were mostly treated on an outpatient basis.

During the Workshop for Laboratory Diagnosis and Detection of the novel coronavirus organized by the Panamerican Health Organization that took place at the Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference Institute (INDRE), it was informed that Baja California, Jalisco, and Quintana Roo will be the first states to receive the diagnostic tests to detect the virus.

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José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidemiology and spokesman for information on this disease, said that they have decided to first distribute the tests in those states because the first imported COVID-19 cases could enter through the international airports located in those states.

The objective of distributing the tests outside the INDRE is for the three states to have the technology needed to perform immediate diagnosis without having to wait to receive them from Mexico City and then return to the place of origin.

Reserve to address cases
The strategic reserve of the Epidemiology General Direction to address situations such as the novel coronavirus has 145,000 disposable robes and 32,499 masks that would be used in case there are hundreds of infections, said José Luis Alomía.

In a news conference, he said that there are three possible scenarios for this disease: the first is that of imports, which are the imported cases that would cause a secondary transmission in relatives, “tens are expected,” he said.

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The second scenario is that of community transmission, “with community outbreaks beyond families” and the third panorama that considers an epidemic possibility with regional outbreaks and the propagation of the virus at a national level. He added that the times from one to another depend on the reaction of public health authorities.

“Hence, what is important is how we administer the strategic reserve. Today, we are ready for the first scenario and we are covering the second one, and with the existing guidelines and working on the calculation of what would be needed for the third scenario, it would be solved,” he explained.

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